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Industrial Digester Cleaning

Industrial Digester Cleaning

Industrial closed digester cleaning is a specialized maintenance process to ensure the efficient and safe operation of anaerobic digesters used in various industrial applications, particularly those involving organic waste treatment and biogas production. Cleaning closed digesters removes accumulated sludge, debris, and bacterial biofilms that can hinder efficient operation and reduce the effectiveness of the digesters.

Northern Plant Service provides expert cleaning methods that vary depending on the type of digester and the processed materi. Common techniques include vacuum trucks, high-pressure water jets, chemical cleaning agents, and sometimes manual cleaning.

Our Approach with the Digester Sludge Maceration Stinger (DSMS)


This new 8” Solid Bore vacuum pipe system is outfitted with an 185cfm air sparge nozzle at the same point where we also have an attached 20,000PSI rotary tool. As this DSMS unit is moved around the digestor the material being collected is now being macerated to further the organic material breakdown and beneficial reuse. This tool has other benefits such as being capable of pulling sludge from greater than 40 feet below ground and can be affixed to an excavator or crane boom for access and mobility.    


We have had recent success with this Digester Sludge Maceration Stinger (DSMS) such as loading 18-cylinder trucks with sludge in as little as 6 minutes while pulling from a total of 40-foot depth!    

Cleaning closed digesters involves working in confined spaces and handling potentially hazardous materials (such as toxic gases or chemicals). This is why our Northern Plant Services team follows strict safety protocols, including proper ventilation, protective gear, and monitoring for hazardous gases.

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