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Pipe and Drain Cleaning

Pipe and Drain Cleaning

Northern Plant Services, Ltd. will provide you with a modern fleet of vacuum trucks and skilled technicians with years of experience int he most demanding industrial environments. Whether it's a four-hour or a four-week job, you can rely on Northern Plant Services, Ltd.  to get the job done right the first time with a dedication to safe, productive and cost effective material removal services.

Pipe Cleaning

Pipe Cleaning is accomplished quickly, efficiently and effectively with high pressure water and special cleaning tools. Nozzles with multiple orifices, together with the appropriate pressures and flows, are passed through pipes, tubes or lines with either rigid or flexible lances to clear the toughest of blockages and / or remove the hardest of unwanted coatings. Your equipment will then operate like new.  With our high pressure flex-hose and spinning nozzles, we can clean the worst plugged pipes with high speed and efficiency.



Video systems to inspect confined spaces and 2" - 98" diameter pipe to see what, where and how extensive the problem is.  Eliminate the guesswork!


Low-Pressure, High-Volume Sewer Cleaning
Northern's vehicle is positioned at the manhole with hose reel above opening. A special high-pressure hose, fitted with a hardened steel jet nozzle, is introduced into the sewer. Water pressure up to 3,000 lbs. psi drives the hose up the sewer

against the flow. A center hole in the nozzle breaks up accumulation in front of the hose to allow for easy passage. When the hose is withdrawn, the water jets flush the sewer clean. Light materials are flushed down the line and heavy materials are deposited in the mahhole for easy removal. A final jetting of the interior of the manhole with the high-pressure gun completes
the cleaning operation.


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