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Pipe and Drain Cleaning

SPCC—Spill Prevention Inspection Program

Keeping it Rail on Rail

For various reasons, many facilities struggle with properly conducting their Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan “SPCC” inspections and adhering to compliance regulations. This may be due to a lack of understanding of the plan and EPA rules and regulations. Difficulties adhering to the SPCC compliance items, is further compounded by the fact that repairs and maintenance routinely have to be conducted.  


Our technically trained and certified compliance staff will manage and coordinate all work related to the SPCC / best management practices of your site. It is our teams goal to help you keep your people and the environment safe, as well as avoid unwanted fines and penalties. 



Understand The SPCC Plan

SPCC plans are unique to the facility it covers, and is a living document. We take the time to review the plans, and ask the right questions to complete a thorough inspection. To ensure we stay on task, it is our standard practice to review the plans annually. The plans are updated as required, and changes are communicated to your environmental staff. 


Mindfully Complete The Inspections

We take our time to complete a detailed, timely inspection. Our inspections are well documented and include details with regard to follow up on corrective items.   


Follow Up

Depending on how we are contracted with you, we can follow up with your team to inform them of full tanks, correction and/or compliance on corrective action items. We will also communicate items that impede a “clean environment”, such as trash in secondary containment, rusting tanks, hoses on the ground, etc.


Initiate Repairs

We have a unique service, whereas we have a fleet of trucks with the tools, materials, and parts to repair areas we inspect. These items include signing, tank paint, hoses, drip catchers, 55 gallon drum lids, etc.



Our vehicles are rigged for inspection repairs and maintenance. They are 4x4 to navigate tough terrane and elements, have safety features (reflective stickers/strobe lights) and LED work lights and spotlights for night work if required.   

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