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Keeping it Rail on Rail

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations

Northern Plant Services, Ltd. offers experienced wastewater treatment plant teams that are licensed in multiple states.  Our staff is highly skilled in operating and maintaining conventional wastewater treatment plants as well as Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) water treatment equipment.


In addition to having seasoned wastewater treatment plant operators and technicians on staff, we have had great success in recruiting wastewater treatment plant personnel across the country.  If needed, we will recruit locally, train, and establish base line best management practices for your wastewater treatment plant.  Our end goal is to retain a skilled licensed operator for your facility.  


It is our mission to cultivate responsibly within our organization which provides a program of sustainability and guaranteed results that benefits our employees, clients, and the environment.


Every state has national standards for water and wastewater treatment written by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Most states require operators to pass a certification examination to show they are capable of overseeing various treatment processes. We have had great success in navigating the various state specific testing and licensing processes which helps us expedite the necessary licensing for our personnel to run your wastewater treatment plant.



Multi –Tiered Staffing Solutions for your Compliance Needs

Sometimes, hiring a full time wastewater treatment plant operator is not always financially feasible or a necessary option.


It is also challenging to find a company that can perform SWPPP/SPCC/UST inspections and then complete the necessary repairs, maintenance, and/or remediation work.


As wastewater treatment plant needs vary by site, we train our team to meet a multitude of environmental disciplines. This allows us the flexibility to provide cost effective services at various levels.


We have found that our customers benefit greatly from the added value of our personnel performing as an in-house wastewater treatment plant operator, consultant, remediation contractor and SWPPP/SPCC/UST inspector.


Our reputation for outstanding service and results will leave you assured that your environmental department operates to its peak capability.

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