Chemical Cleaning 

Northern Plant Services, Ltd. is experienced in Heat Exchanger cleaning for the following industries: Power Generation, Naval and Marine,
Petro-chemical and Refineries. Our goal is to assist Plant Managers, Plant Engineers, Maintenance Managers and Reliability Engineers in understanding and applying the most cost-effective technologies to eliminate a fouling problem and to assist the plant management. With the help of NPS our clients have been able to minimize or eliminate: 

  • Over sizing and/or redundant equipment

  • Hazardous cleaning solution disposal

  • Cleaning equipment and services

  • Loss of production, capacity and/or efficiency

  • Additional downtime for maintenance and repairs

  • Special materials and/or design considerations

Chemical Cleaning Services

Northern Plant Services, Ltd. is an intellectual capital company and one of our distribution channels is chemical cleaning.  
We are proud to offer the latest in chemical cleaning services.  We utilize alkaline cleaners, emulsions, chelants and detergents to effectively and safely remove the fouling scales or corrosion materials from your process equipment.  Depending on the situation, systems can be filled with chemicals and soaked, circulated, cascaded or even added as a vapor.  When you are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of industrial equipment, the company you select for your chemical cleaning needs must be the best possible choice.  In addition to chemical solutions, NPS can also jet systems or use rotating mechanical brush systems (commonly called "pigs") to clean your equipment.  Our three step program includes:


  • Design - Our chemical cleaning team lead by Don Young  (pictured below with "pigs" used to clean pipeline interiors) will design a procedure that offers the service technique to be used, the solvent of choice and the expected results.

  • Execute - We will execute the procedure in a safe and professional manner with trained personnel and all the equipment necessary for a successful chemical cleaning.

  • Evaluate - On-site monitoring of the solvent system and the system environment will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our procedure.


Northern Plant Services, Ltd. is totally focused on providing the best, safest and most efficient chemical cleaning service to our customers. The depth of knowledge, expertise and experience we offer is unsurpassed. Don Young has over 30+ years experience in the chemical cleaning field having worked from the Alaskan pipeline to Bogota, Columbia to India.