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Northern Plant Services, Video Sewer Drain Inspection

Video Sewer Drain Inspection

Are you questioning the condition of your industrial pipelines and drains, or suspect a blockage?

A video sewer drain inspection can help find existing problems such as blockages and pipe failure. It is a valuable method used to assess the condition of sewer lines and identify potential issues. By utilizing specialized cameras, professionals can visually inspect the inside of pipes and gather crucial information without the need for disruptive excavation.

One key benefit of video sewer drain inspection is its ability to pinpoint the location and nature of blockages or damages. This helps in determining the most effective course of action for repairs or maintenance. Additionally, it enables early detection of problems such as cracks, leaks, root intrusion, or pipe misalignment, which can prevent costly and extensive repairs in the future.

The technology used in video sewer drain inspection has advanced significantly in recent years. High-definition cameras and remote-controlled robots allow for thorough examination of pipes, even in narrow or hard-to-reach areas. This enhances accuracy and reduces the chances of misdiagnosis.

Regular video sewer drain inspections are particularly valuable for commercial properties, municipalities, and homeowners. They help in maintaining the functionality and longevity of sewer systems, minimizing the risk of backups, flooding, or environmental contamination.

Video can also help surmise how water-tight the piping is and how stable the structure appears, as well as detect cracks and flaws. 

Save time and reduce unnecessary cost by letting our skilled technicians help you find the problem.


If your industry requires preventive inspections for quality assurance, video can be used to establish base-line measures for your water pipelines and drainage systems. This way you set up quality control measures before operations begin enabling you suppro your method of measurements with your periodic compliance inspections.  

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