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Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Northern Plant Services, Ltd. provides industrial tank and vessel cleaning on either a maintenance or on a project basis. We have experienced personnel including trained confined space entry teams, armed with the exact needed equipment and apparatus to deliver a safe, quality finish to any tank or vessel regardless of the size, shape, or the substance within.  


We offer complete tank and vessel cleaning services from inspection, planning, cleaning, through to final recovery and disposal of waste.Our detailed planning and project management processes not only ensure that we put the strictest safety procedures in place, it also safeguards your day to day operations by minimizing disruptions.  


Many industries that we serve have stringent controls, security, and safety measures that apply when working particularly in proximity to areas with high exposure such as railroad tracks or industrial facilities in full operation.  Our Northern Plant Service teams have the experience, unique safety certifications, and security clearance/credentials needed to perform work in these controlled environments.



  • Auto

  • Chemical

  • Food

  • Municipal -  MS4

  • Power

  • Refining

  • Steel

  • Transportation - Railroad

Tank and Vessel Cleaning

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