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 Ultrafilter Cleaning

Northern Plant Services has been cleaning ultrafilters by using mechanical and water blasting techniques for over two decades. Typically we will have the filtration canister shipped to our location to be abated of residual process buildup to include abating the remaining filtration material. We currently perform ultrafilter membrane cartridge removal where the cords of filtrate are over 18' long and less than a half an inch in diameter. When we receive the filters they are completely fouled and will typically pass zero volume. In this application we utilize 20,000 PSI water blasting techniques utilizing a rigid lance and a rotary nozzle to extract filter and the compact blockage. We clean ultra filters that are utilized in industrial applications, regardless if they are influent, process or effluent applications. We always take special precaution to safely and properly collect the waste water and filter media for transportation and disposal. Wether your application is Ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis we are capable of abating the material. Our crew personnel travel throughout the United States performing industrial environmental services as well, so if your project is beyond shipping the filtration components to our building we are mobile and up for the challenge.

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